New Gold Rounds from Regency Mint

Regency Mint announces its new line of Gold rounds to the bullion market. The rounds are being minted in 24 karat .9999 fine gold in various fractional sizes. Our goal is to create a more affordable alternative to the American Gold Eagle coins made by the US Mint. There is a lack of American made fractional gold bullion in the market, and we hope to supply our customers with attractive gold rounds that are literally worth their weight in gold.

These beautiful IRA approved gold bullion rounds feature the soaring eagle design that was used on some of Regency Mint’s earliest minted pieces. Next to the eagle is the Star and Stripes found in Regency Mint’s branded logo. The reverse of the gold bullion rounds will carry the words “In God We Trust” along with the weight and purity of the individual round. Each of these gold rounds are manufactured under the strict mantle of our ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing certification. The One troy ounce and Tenth troy ounce sizes will be minted first, and then the mint will transition into making all of the following sizes:

  • 1 troy ounce – .9999 fine Gold Bullion round
  • 1/2 troy ounce – .9999 fine Gold Bullion round
  • 1/4 troy ounce – .9999 fine Gold Bullion round
  • 1/10 troy ounce – .9999 fine Gold Bullion round
  • 1 Gram – .9999 fine Gold Bullion round


  1. Khairil  December 17, 2015

    The Chinese are smart: The do not trust the White Man’s worthless and courrpt IOU paper. The Europeans are lazy deadbeats who don’t expect to work much for a living and the American government is effectively controlled by courrpt Capitalists . Gold has been a store of wealth and the fundamental trade currency from the beginning of human civilization around the globe transcending history, culture and geography. Always has. Always will. Love these rounds.


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