New Gold Rounds from Regency Mint

Regency Mint announces its new line of Gold rounds to the bullion market. The rounds are being minted in 24 karat .9999 fine gold in various fractional sizes. Our goal is to create a more affordable alternative to the American Gold Eagle coins made by the US Mint. There is a lack of American made fractional gold bullion in the market, and we hope to supply our customers with attractive gold rounds that are literally worth their weight in gold.

These ...

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Regency Mint Announces New 2014 Silver Round – 2014 coin design

Of the new 2014 coin designs being introduced this year, we are excited to introduce Regency Mint’s New 2014 Statue of Liberty silver rounds. This new addition to our arsenal of minted silver bullion, features a majestic eagle on the reverse with the Latin words “Deo Est Gloria” on the raised banner, meaning “Glory to God.” If you look closely you will notice a double dated “2014” year on the obverse. The die was slightly out of alignment during the ...

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