Copper Bullion

Copper Bullion has slowly made its way into the investing world. Gold and silver remain the most popular choices for precious metal investment, but we are now seeing a growing demand for Copper. Making any investment decisions should be done cautiously, after much study and thought. Investing in copper bullion is no different. Carefully investigate the pros and cons before entering this market.

Regency Mint produces high quality copper bullion that we supply to different dealers and resellers all over the world. We provide a way for copper resellers to earn more by selling our exquisite products. In fact, one dealer increased sales by 30% since they started carrying copper bullion from Regency Mint. We carry a variety of designs that our customers easily sell for excellent margins. To get further information regarding pricing for copper bullion, please click the appropriate link:

Wholesale Copper Bullion Pricing for Resellers

If you Resell precious metals or if you are a Coin Dealer, please click the Wholesale Pricing button to learn more.Wholesale Copper Pricing Here

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Copper Bullion Rounds

Franklin – Don’t Tread on Me
Walking Liberty – Eagle Flag
Patriot – Don’t Tread on Me