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As a mint and supplier of precious metals, Regency Mint works a great deal in gold bullion. Since 1971, when President Richard Nixon removed the United States from the Gold Standard, the US Dollar has greatly declined in value. For thousands of years, gold has been used to counteract the effects of inflation and has often been used as currency. Regency Mint provides gold bars, gold coins, and gold rounds as a means of wealth preservation.

We mint high quality, 24 karat gold bullion for precious metal dealers. In addition to our privately minted gold bullion, we also offer government issued gold coins. Our primary customers are Coin Dealers and Precious Metal Resellers. To get further information regarding pricing for Regency Mint’s gold products click the appropriate link:

Wholesale Gold Bullion Pricing for Resellers

If you Resell precious metals or if you are a Coin Dealer, please click the Wholesale Pricing button to learn more about buying gold bullion from Regency Mint.

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Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

American Gold Eagle Coin
<em>gold bullion</em>
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
<em>gold bullion</em>
Gold Krugerrand Coin
<em>gold bullion</em>
Perth Mint Gold Bar
<em>gold bullion</em>