We do significant business in preparing both precious metals and non-precious wholesale blanks and planchets for other mints.

Other mints appreciate our wholesale blanks for two reasons in particular: (1) After fabrication, we “soften” our precious metal blanks, which makes it very easy to stamp a higher quality design onto your coins; (2) We weigh every precious metal blank to ensure it is at least the guaranteed weight. You can be sure that a 1 troy ounce blank will be at least 1 troy ounce. Once blanked, the planchets or blanks are typically rimmed and cleaned depending on your specific needs. We have two different polishing grades for our wholesale blanks.

Different Finishes for Wholesale Blanks

Tumbled Brass Blank

(Copper, Brass, Silver & Gold)

Tumbled Blanks

This process consists of tumbling them in a mild deburring media which cleans off any mill marks and makes a clean, even surface. It leaves the blanks with a dull, frosted finish. These blanks are excellent for a bullion-grade or production-grade stamp. They are especially good for antiquing, because any oil present is completely removed from the surface of the blanks.

(Copper, Brass, Silver & Gold)

Burnished Blanks

Tumbled blanks are then burnished giving the blanks a highly polished surface, and are used for our highest quality proof-like strike. These blanks have a shiny finish because they are polished in a stainless steel media with special chemicals to heighten the shine. One customer says that our non-precious blanks are the best that they receive for gold and silver plating.