Copper Blanks

Available in 30mm, 34mm, 39mm, and 47mm sizes.

As of January 1, 2021 we are no longer able to offer customer blank sizes.

Copper blanks are used for minting coins and medals by stamping or engraving a custom design onto the blank. We supply other mints and manufacturers with these blanks and planchets so they can strike their own coins and medallions. Our customers comment on the quality of our blanks and how easy they are to stamp. In fact, a customer recently contacted us to trade our copper blanks for some that he purchased from one of our competitors. Our competitor’s copper blanks were too hard, and therefore could not be easily struck to impress their design.

Our copper blanks are made from pure .999 fine copper, known as Cu110. Other alloys are available and we recommend you call us to check availability and minimum quantities.

Different Finishes for Wholesale Blanks

copper blanks

Tumbled Copper Blanks

This process consists of tumbling the copper blanks in a mild deburring media which cleans off any mill marks and makes a clean surface. The blanks will carry a frosted finish for a lower grade stamp. We use these copper blanks for most of our bullion-grade products.
copper rounds

Burnished Copper Blanks

These blanks are burnished to a high polish until they are ready for your finest quality stamp. These blanks carry a shiny finish, and we use them for our proof-like medals and coins. We burnish these copper blanks in a stainless steel media with special chemicals to give it the high shine.