Gold Blanks

Sold in rolls of 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm.

As of January 1, 2021 we are no longer able to offer custom blank sizes.

With the ever growing demand for gold bullion, we supply other mints and manufacturers with gold blanks so they can stamp their own gold coins and medals. When looking for a gold supplier, it’s important to make sure you will receive a genuine gold blank. As an expert in the minting business, Regency Mint works with the finest 24 karat gold to create your gold planchets.

Each gold blank that we produce is guaranteed to be of correct weight. For example, if you order a 1/10 troy ounce gold blank, we guarantee that it will be at least 1/10 troy ounce. We are able to make that guarantee because we individually weigh each blank to make sure that it is the correct weight.


Different Finishes for Wholesale Blanks

gold blanks


Tumbled Gold Blanks

This process consists of tumbling the gold blanks in a mild deburring media which cleans off any mill marks and makes a clean, even surface. These gold blanks carry a more frosted finish for a lower grade stamp. We use this finish for most of our bullion-grade products.


Burnished Gold Blanks

We burnish these gold blanks to a high polish until they are ready for your finest quality stamp. These gold blanks carry a more shiny finish, and we use them for most of our proof-like medallions and high-end coins.