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Good & Bad News – Retiring the Morgan Dollar Silver Round Dies

Let’s start with the bad news: After more than six years of stamping the 1 ounce silver rounds with the Morgan Dollar design, Regency Mint announced that these coining dies with that design have been retired. It is estimated that 150,000 rounds with this Morgan design were minted between 2008 and August of 2014. Now, are you ready for the Good News?

Regency Mint has redesigned their Morgan round, and will begin selling them September 2014. This new Morgan design features a much more elegant design of Lady Liberty on the obverse. Under her image is a small “R” in the Star that stands as Regency Mint’s mint mark. The reverse has also been slightly transformed with a bolder and stronger Bald Eagle. Both the obverse and reverse designs still closely resemble the original Morgan Dollar that was designed by the engraver, George T. Morgan.  Each if the rounds will be struck in .999 fine silver, and will weigh 1 troy ounce. The Mint expects that this new Morgan design will be even more popular that the first.



  1. Bill  September 26, 2014

    Good Idea, i have a few of the old ones and from the beginning thought it was not a very good rendition of the Morgan design.

    • Regency Mint  October 3, 2014

      Hello Bill, and thanks for your comment! What do you think of our new Morgan design?


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