Custom Coins

Coins custom made by Regency Mint reflect high quality craftsmanship. Custom coins are the perfect item to add value to your event, show appreciation to employees or business clients, or celebrate a special occasion. In a world full of cheap products and replaceable “keepsakes”, it’s time we return to an era where integrity and ingenuity guided our purchase descision. Coins are a time-tested and proven icon of collectability and worth. Creating custom coins is not limited to government and sovereign mints, which means you can now create beautiful custom coins of your own.

Regency Mint is a proven artisan in producing custom minted coins, medallions, and military challenge coins. We take your ideas and designs and help you create something that will last through the ages. We work with a variety of metals including precious and base metals, depending on your specific project. We provide minting solutions for high end prestigious custom coins, along with those projects that require a tighter budget.

For years we have been an expert in our field, and our goal is to become your favorite mint. See what our customers have to say about our work by reading our reviews. Please contact us below to see how we can produce high quality coins custom made to fit your needs:

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