Custom Military Challenge Coins

Custom Commemorative Coins

Regency Mint is an established manufacturer of custom Commemorative Coins. We produce beautiful medals and medallions in a variety of precious and non-precious metals. Our customers know that designing and minting commemorative coins is an excellent way to distinguish a milestone or achievement. We help businesses and organizations celebrate excellence by creating unique commemorative coins that set them apart. Our customers find that commemorative coins offer lasting value and prestige that custom t-shirts and pencils just can’t achieve. Whether honoring a corporate achievement or celebrating the birthday or anniversary of a loved one, commemorative coins custom made by Regency Mint demonstrate your commitment to what you love and care about.

Many of our customers choose to have us make their custom coins from pure Gold and Silver to give the ultimate prestige to their commemoration. Other customers need to work within a budget, so we working with them in finding the best solution that matches the high quality they desire, along with pricing they need. Below are some ideas for creating a commemorative medal or medallion.

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Ideas for Commemorative Coins:

  • Business Coins
  • Company Award Coins
  • Employee Recognition Coins
  • Service Award Coins
  • Achievement Coins
  • Safety Award Coins
  • Gift Coins
  • Anniversary Coins
  • Birthday Coins