Custom Military Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

Regency Mint is a producer and distributor of custom military challenge coins.  We help clients put their ideas, designs and logos onto beautiful medallions.  Our military clients consistently return to Regency because of quality, consistency, and price.  We recognize the sacrifice made by the men and women of the U.S. Military – we have several members of our team that have served honorably.   To show our appreciation, we do our best to serve our military customers with the same dedication and drive that our troops serve us.

Our custom made military challenge coins come in a variety of styles and metals according to your design.  Military challenge coins such as Commander coins and Unit coins are an important part of military life with our troops.  Whether you already have a logo and artwork or you need our help to design it, let us create the perfect coin for you.

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Samples of our Military Challenge Coins

We manufacture many types of military challenge coins, including:

  • Police Challenge Coins
  • USMC Military Coins
  • Army Military Challenge Coins
  • Air Force Military Challenge Coins
  • Coast Guard Military Coins
  • Navy Military Coins

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