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Commemorative, Awards, & Promotional Minting

Whether it’s a milestone event or promotional items, our dedicated team of minting experts is here to steer your project from inception to completion. With design, production, and finishing all happening under one roof, we ensure your project gets the meticulous attention it deserves. Together, we can transform your vision into reality.

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Marketing & Promotional

Elevate Your Business to Unforgettable Heights with Custom Minted Promotional Items or Marketing Pieces. Transform your logo into a cherished memento leveraging our custom minting, screen printing, and engraving expertise.

Recognition & Awards

Recognize the exceptional achievements of your employees or clients by presenting them with an award that truly reflects their accomplishments. Our dedicated team of in-house custom minting experts are ready to collaborate with you to design a unique piece that aligns with your budget and schedule.

Tributes & Remembrances

Significant events call for timeless keepsakes. From births to anniversaries, and even memorials, our bespoke creations will commemorate these special moments for future generations. Connect with a custom minting expert today to help design your distinctive gift.

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Step 1


To start every order we ask that you send your ideas to our expert designers here in Orem Utah.

Step 2


We are committed to collaborating with you until your ideal coin comes to life, embracing every change and revision along the way.

Step 3


After approval, your products will have completed and they will be put into production. 


We provide three grades and metal types in bar or round form, as well as two types of dies.



Bullion Grade

Bullion Grade, our most cost-effective finish, has a matte look that resists smudging, making it ideal for frequently handled items like business coins, tokens, or key chains.

Mid Grade

This mid-grade finish offers a brighter shine than bullion grade and is more affordable than proof-like. Its blend of a polished die and tumbled blank results in a dull mint luster, bridging the gap between Bullion and Proof-like finishes.

Proof-Like Grade

Proof-like, our top-grade finish, features a mirror-like shine and frosted design elements on a smooth background, enhancing contrast and visibility. It’s perfect for prestigious awards and gifts.


1 oz 

Rounds Only


1 oz 

1/2 oz

1/4 oz

1/10 oz

Round & Bar


1 oz 

1/2 oz 

1/4 oz

1/10 oz

Rounds Only

3-D Die

A 3-Dimensional die will feature rounded and curved surfaces to give as much of a life-like appearance as possible. This can be great when placing objects on the coin.

2-D Die

2-Dimensional dies are often used for putting a Business logo or a black/white/gray-scale image on a coin. The type of coin struck this way will have no sculpting on the devices.

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